Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Blog!

This blog will be dedicated to photos of Little Miss Ewen and her big adventures in the world. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival (any day now!!!) and can't wait for the adventures that parenthood has in store for us! Thanks for reading! --Liz and Travis

 11 week ultrasound of Baby Girl

 18 week profile shot
 18 week foot!
 Belly at 27 weeks
 Family shower 09.25.2011-- 30 weeks
 All the strong women in the family that will help guide and love the Little Miss throughout her life!

 Happy parents-to-be
 Ecstatic grandmothers-to-be

And the bigger belly at 36 weeks!

And of course- the first child of the family- the King Pup who will love the little miss once she learns to give him food and throw his ball :)

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