Saturday, March 24, 2012

From My Phone

As it happens, people take a lot of pictures with their phones and unfortunately I do not have a smartphone (yet!) so I do not regularly upload my pictures. This edition will the the phone upload edition! Most of these are older, between 1-2months old. But still so cute :)

Sleeping soundly

On our way to our first doctor's appointment

hanging out in her favorite bouncy seat in our favorite hoodie!

So long! At her 2mo appointment she was 23 3/4 in long (91st percentile) and 11.9lbs (60th percentile)

I love this face

even this face!

on the phone?

Always happy in the morning

fancy outfit!

Tummy time on quilt made by Suzie!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Out of Touch

I know, I know- where are the updates?!

The little miss is 14 weeks old! I am back at work :( and there are many more updates worthy of mention but alas I have less time now than I had before. But I do have big plans to update this blog more regularly! I promise. And my other blog too, since I need to lose 15lbs from pregnancy and 10 more to get to my post study weight. So updates galore!

Getting wrapped in the moby- forward facing!!!

Onesie is a gift from Mel- she has great genes!! ;-)

Maybe teething? She is surely enjoying chewing on anything she can get into her mouth!
In the meantime, enjoy some new photos of the little miss at almost 14 weeks old celebrating St. Patrick's day with our friends Mel and Nick!