Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work Life Balance?

Travis has been traveling to the other side of the world for work lately, leaving me to take care of Carya and Elvis alone. Usually it goes fine as long as Carya (and Elvis) stays healthy and the dog walkers are available. But during Travis' last two trips, Carya has gotten sick within days (or hours!) of Travis' return.

Both times I had to bring her into work with me. I am thankful to have that flexibility- but it makes things a bit stressful. I know to be a successful woman in science (or in anything) you need to balance work life and home life and maybe even keep them a bit separate. But today my coworkers saw me as a mom, talking and singing to Carya, while doing experiments. I was mom first. I am not sure if it will have any long term impact on my career but it makes me a little uncomfortable.

But even this sick face makes me happy and helps me not care too much about the future :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Our little girl is walking!


She looks a bit like Frankenstein while walking but slowly but surely she will get there. Running that is.

We went to a home inspection for a friend today. The house had a cat and Carya was thrilled. She is a real animal lover.

She still has a bit of "sass" and really likes to get her way but she is so affectionate and happy. Her laugh makes it all worth it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One year

Where did the time go?

The little miss is getting BIG!
At her one year appointment she weighed 21lbs 1oz (71%) and was 30in long (80%)
She is becoming a little person. She has opinions- and she lets you know what they are-- even if most of her words sound like DADA (Elvis is EE-DAH) or EH (that, or heard in a whine) or HAT-AH (light).

My new year's resolution is to keep up with this blog. One post per week so that I can look back on everything later -- when I am amazed when she turns two, three or four!

So here are some specs:
Loves: Fruit. All fruit all the time. Favorite fruits: blueberries and blackberries.
           Books: Moo (from Aunt Erica), How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food and anything from the 12 pack of Sesame Street board books (from Susan G.).
           Elvis. She loves him no matter how cranky he is- she is learning to throw his yellow Cuz ball (Pep-      Pep).
           Her cousins, Connor (6) and Gracie (almost 4).
           Her pacifier and bottle (how are we ever going to get rid of them!?).

She is taking a few steps, but is very cautious and nervous (a bit like her mommy?!). She eats well, she sleeps very well unless she has an ear infection (has had 3 so far), and is generally a very happy little girl.

Everyone is all smiles at Fiore's bakery!

Learning to color!
She is funny! Making faces at Mommy.
Catching some extra time before bedtime with Uncle Bill!


Dinner time
The Sesame Street books!

Family portrait from Christmas at the farm