Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work Life Balance?

Travis has been traveling to the other side of the world for work lately, leaving me to take care of Carya and Elvis alone. Usually it goes fine as long as Carya (and Elvis) stays healthy and the dog walkers are available. But during Travis' last two trips, Carya has gotten sick within days (or hours!) of Travis' return.

Both times I had to bring her into work with me. I am thankful to have that flexibility- but it makes things a bit stressful. I know to be a successful woman in science (or in anything) you need to balance work life and home life and maybe even keep them a bit separate. But today my coworkers saw me as a mom, talking and singing to Carya, while doing experiments. I was mom first. I am not sure if it will have any long term impact on my career but it makes me a little uncomfortable.

But even this sick face makes me happy and helps me not care too much about the future :)

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