Monday, March 25, 2013


I have been doing a lot of reading about raising toddlers. My favorite one of the moment is "bringing up Bebe" which is a story about an American mother raising her children in Paris. There is a lot of talk about making your kids wait and making them realize they are not the center of the world. And this self control and realization translates to many wonderful adult attributes. And many attributes most parents (me!) strive for-- primarily- being able to take your kids out to a restaurant or friend's house for dinner. Carya is notoriously bad at acting appropriately in public places: supermarkets, restaurants, friend's houses, and this leaves Travis and me unable to talk to friends and not seem like crazy parents chasing our child around with toys, bags of cheerios, and when all else fails-- our cell phones. We made it through a course of our Seder dinner tonight thanks to Elmo's World. I feel like a terrible parent because I have to resort to this. I wish she would sit with a fork and a plate full of interesting new food and entertain herself. But alas, no.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she is sick, with her fifth ear infection... tubes are imminent, but until then we have another round of antibiotics to get through. They are slow to work, quick to upset her stomach, and we trade off on ibuprofen and acetaminophen as often as we medically are allowed. So yes, maybe she has a reason to act up- but it is in trying times that you think this toddler must be doing all of this just to challenge me.

We went to the ER on Friday. She was in a lot of pain and could not settle down enough to take any drugs, nap, or drink. So as Murphy's law dictates, as we parked in the ER parking garage, she settled down and  began playing happily in her carseat. I decided to bring her in anyway, because 4 hours of crying is not normal. And we did discover she did have an ear infection. Poor thing, Carya inherited mommy and daddy's intolerance of pain. Makes me think she may also become a red-head since they are supposed to have less tolerance for pain (how is that for a genetic generalization!?).

I am not sure where I am going with this rambling. Just venting maybe. I know she is frustrated since she can not communicate to me what she is feeling. I know she is a good girl. I know with time she will say more than mama, dada, up, hot, dah (yes and no... very confusing), ball, baba, and aqua. I just need to be patient and cuddle my baby every chance I get. Even if she is exhausting me and making no sense....

I just hope it is not too late for us. I see more dinners in our future....

Playing in the hospital bed. Acting like a perfectly healthy baby who did not spend the previous 4 hours screaming her head off and scaring everyone who cares for her.....

"But I don't want tooo....."

This is a sassy face. 

Yes. We see this whiny face a lot these days. This fit is caused by the fact that she hates having her hands covered. Mittens. The devil's work.