Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long time no post!

Not sure if anyone is out there anymore, but I just realized it has been a loooong time since I have written.

A lot of things have changed since March, 2013 (it is October, 2013...) I got a new job, Carya speaks!, she runs, she has opinions (!many!), and we bought a house! Since this is Carya's blog I will stick to her milestones. She said a lot of words for a while, picking up new ones (she had over 40 in May, if I remember correctly) often but once she hit the 19mo mark she started stringing words and thoughts together and actually making sense! Her favorite statement (at 19mo) was: No, mommy/daddy/eldas (Elvis), no!

Which brings us to her sass! Oh my, is she sassy! She is very opinionated (she picks out her clothes and gets very upset if I dress her- though I try to give her a choice, sometimes she does not like my choices). She LOVES Dora. LOVES. Dora, Boots and Maps (yes she calls the Map, Maps) may be her favorite people after Connor, Gracie and Sidney- her cousins (if we want her to do anything we tell her Connor/Gracie does it, or if she does it she can talk to/see photos of "Seeny." Bribery at it's best!) Mommy and daddy fall somewhere behind the cousins :)

She is scared of the raccoon from Over the Hedge (she saw 5min of the movie in August and still talks about the "bahcoon eating chips!") so obviously she is going to be a raccoon for halloween ;-) silly, Mommy.

And she has all her teeth! Finally! The two year old molars are in and I hear we are done for a bit after that! She did not get another ear infection after our trip to the ER (ear infection #5), as if she knew (or summer came around) that if she got another one she would need surgery.

But the fun stuff is all still there, she is ticklish, affectionate, calm, loves to read, play at the park, throw the ball for Elvis, she loves to eat ice cream, mac and cheese, and pickles, and the color green (and purple).
The Sassy Lady